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Tyre Dress

Krypton tyre dress is ideal for both dressing & preserving tyre walls. Restoring the surface to a black and glossy finish. Tyre Slik recreates the 'wet look' effect, whilst the unique formula preserves the rubber. Suitable for use via an application sprayer, or it can be applied with a brush or sponge giving your vehicle that ‘ just new’ look.  



Tyre Dress

    1. Make sure your tyre is clean prior to application.
    2. Apply directly to the tyre wall, or on to a foam applicator or brush on.
    3. Make sure the whole wall is covered but not the tread
    4. Wipe away any residue prior to driving.
  • On reciept of payment all our products are despatched 1st Class at a cost of £5.50.

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