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Our detailing experience also extends to Yachts,

we have spent a few years testing on gelcoat and

are pleased to announce that we have mastered

a technique to restore faded and dirty paintwork

to better than original finish. 


Our specialist Detailing service goes much further

than simply cleaning your yacht, and is more important

than simple aesthetic appeal.


As a boat owner it's a constant battle against the

elements. Sun, sea and salt water constantly attacks

your paint, gel coat, metal, leather, vinyl and glass in

a very harsh environment.


Regularly washing off salt with fresh water goes a long

way towards preventing unnecessary erosion, however

preventative protection will not only keep your yacht

glistening, it will extend its life and reduce depreciation.





Protect against Ultra-violet rays.

Protect against exhaust staining.

Protect against extremes of temperature.

Protect against colour pigment deterioration.

Protect against salt damage.

Protect against ionisation and industrial pollution.

Allow black streaks to be easily removed.

Improve and extend the life of new paintwork & gel-coat.

Our aim is to protect the painted surfaces, britework,

glass, Leather, Vinyl & fabric  as well as enhance the finish

thus reducing maintenance costs throughout the season. 

Superyachts of this nature are normally chartered and

always need to be looking their best at all times.


Krypton can achieve the most durable hard wearing

glasscoat finish saving lots of time and money on

re-applying  your conventional waxes and sealants.

For maximum shine NOTHING compares to

Krypton Ceramic paint protection System.

In fact Krypton  delivers a shine that is up to 50%

more brilliant than the rest. Most importantly,

it  bonds to the surface to a depth of 20+ microns

and forms a tough crystal clear barrier which

protects against extreme UV exposure plus other

environmental hazards. It will withstand temperatures

in excess of 300f. This is a product that will save you

considerable cost in re-spraying and time out from

personal use and charter.

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