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Krypton Neutral Wash

Krypton neutral wash is a neat concentrate formula to give you maximum cleaning ability whilst using very little product means it goes a long way.


Our wash will cut through gime and dirt with ease due to our unique high suds, also has SiO2 content which gives a great gloss and hydrophic finish. Can been used on any form of paint protection like ceramic, carnauba wax, polymer & sealants due to our pH neutral formula.




Krypton Neutral Wash

  • How to use:

    1. Rinse car to loosen any dirt or pre rinse using Krypton foam wash.

    2. Pour a small amount on to your wash mitt prior to adding water to your bucket.

    3. Wash vehicle with mitt using up & down side to side motion.

    4. Rinse off using hose or power washer.

    5. Dry off using drying towel

  • On reciept of payment all our products are despatched 1st Class at a cost of £5.50.

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