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Krypton Ceramic Spray Sealant  • 473ml

Introducing the Krypton Ceramic Spray Sealant, the ultimate car care solution for boosting your ceramic coated vehicle's protection. With a 473ml capacity, this advanced water-based polymer sealant features UV inhibitors that effectively shield your car's exterior from harmful elements while adding a hydrophobic, self-cleaning, and durable layer of protection. Designed for easy application, this spray sealant is compatible with all types of vehicle exterior surfaces, making it the perfect addition to your car care routine. Get the ultimate protection for your car with Krypton Ceramic Spray Sealant today

Krypton Ceramic Spray Sealant • 473ml

    1. Shake well and either spray directly to the surface or onto a clean microfibre applicator pad.
    2. Spray product evenly over the surface, remove with a fresh microfibre cloth .
    3.  For wet surfaces spray product evenly over the surface, then rinse off with pressure washer or hose. 
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