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Krypton 2 Glass Nano Coating • 30ml

Krypton K2  Glass Nano Self-Cleaning Coating is a stable colorless transparent

compound dispersed in Alcohol, it adopts Nano Sio2 hydrophobic

performance technology. K2 can be applied at normal temperatures and

waiting naturally until completely dry. K2 forms a non stick, easy to

clean, Nano protective coating, changes the contact angle between glass

and water, giving a strong hydrophobic effect.

Krypton 2 Glass Nano Coating • 30ml

  • Krypton K2 coating provides a long lasting durable layer of protection. The

    surface of glass will no longer need regular cleaning as the invisible

    coating will create a self-cleaning effect meaning that water and dirt

    will no longer stick on the surface.

    The contact angel between normal glass and water is 30-40 degree, which

    makes the glass easy to form a water droplet and difficult to slide, also during the process of water drying it will be easier to adsorb dust and form dirt. 

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